Fullinatural Bakery

Fullinatural is an artisan bakery in Pretoria dedicated to baking high quality healthy bread. Their wheat and rye are sourced largely from a family farm in the Cape where they are farmed biologically, minimising the use of pesticides. They are very careful about how they store their grains, and have a strong focus on minimising aflatoxins (carcinogenic toxins made by moulds that grow on stored grains). They grind their flour fresh in their on-site stone mill each morning and so the flours they use are freshly ground and completely wholegrain. They then bake their bread, rusks and other products using their trade-marked "Revobake" method where the dough is leavened with natural sour dough and stands for 24 hours before baking. This natural fermentation pre- digests the gluten and other antinutrients to the level where these products are laboratory tested to qualify as gluten-free. This is truly the ultimate in health bread, and really delicious.
Their flours are milled fresh and frozen straight after milling, and will be given to you still frozen to preserve freshness.

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