Home-style Farms

These eggs from a farm in the Bronberg just outside Pretoria are from fully pastured hens. They live outdoors where they can get lots of sun to produce vitamin D. They have free access to their laying boxes, at all times but are never shut indoors. They forage as they like for insects and other foods and are fed organically grown fruit and vegetables, grown especially for them. They are also fed a variety of grasses to ensure a good content of omega fatty acids in the eggs. All the grains in their diets are organic, GMO-free and sprouted before they are fed to the chickens. They receive no growth hormones, antibiotics or other artificial additions in their diet. The colours of the egg yolks vary due to the food preferences of the individual chickens - they each choose what they like to eat and eat that, and what they eat affects the specific colour of the yolk. It is recommended that the eggs be stored in the fridge and they will last well for up to 3 weeks there.

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