Natures Heritage

Natures Heritage is a Family owned farm. We farm Organic vegetables as our main source of living. We also farm chickens, eggs and pork. Dale and Colleen started Natures Heritage in 2013.

Our focus is on soil. The better our soil the better our planet will be. Our farms have an organic soil matter of 3,24% upto 5,7% which in farming terms is amazing. Our customers always compliment us on the taste of our produce which most often reflects in the organic soil %.

We receive a lot of questions from people but the main question is, What basis do you have to claim organic on your product? Besides the PGS Organic standards we pass each year we just show them our soil tests and that answers it. It does not matter how educated these questions are, when I have proof of a 5,7% organic soil matter they have no more digs....because they can't fault a soil test.

We are not educated in farming as a family, all we have is Faith and a lifestyle that chooses to serve people real food. We have an open gate policy for anyone who wants to come see for themselves what we are farming.

I watched a video clip by a well known evangelist the other day. He spoke about taking care of our health. He said that you cannot change the day you will die, but you can change the way you get there. If you live unhealthy you will be in and out of doctors rooms and hospitals. If you live a healthy life you will get there healthy.

I completely agree with his comments. So, live a healthy lifestyle and keep supporting our small family farms.

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