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Tinderbox farm

Adjacent to the village of Tondeldoos, Mpumalanga at an altitude of over 1800 m, Eddie and Moira Price, with their two sons have been farming with cattle on naturally occurring veld grass and highland stream water since 2005 with as little intervention as possible. The cattle are free to roam extensively and with an altitude variation on the farm of 300 m they get plenty of exercise and grow slowly, developing a tasty marbled beef. During summer months veld grass is cut and baled and used to supplement winter feeding only when required. No grains or bought feed is utilised although salt licks are provided. The Beef does vary seasonally, but due to the high rainfall and extensive valleybottom sections on the veld, the condition of the cattle are never extremely lean.All our boerewors, burger patties, biltong, dry wors and biltong stokkies are made with our beef, black pepper, Himalayan salt and coriander. We do not add cereals, egg, water, sauces, other liquids or mince extenders, all of which are commonly used by most meat producers and supermarket butcheries. The butcher where we pack, packs other product for other customers and the suppliers of our spice mix, and theirs, do warn that they in turn pack other products in their facilities, simply because it has become global practice to warn consumers of that fact. They obtain ingredients from other suppliers who also pack other products, who in turn have warned our suppliers that their products are packed in a facility that packs milk, egg, nuts, etc. As all ingredients are costly, I believe manufacturers do not wantonly waste them, so while the chance of traces of an unwanted ingredient finding its way into our spice mix is not impossible, it is unlikely. Further, the quantity of spice mix used in each product is small, eg to make a kg of burger patties, we add 13g 1.3% spice mix to 1 kg of our minced beef. In our dried products, we add 4g of spice mix to every 1 kg of meat. Eddie, our sons and I make all the dried products ourselves and care is taken to measure correctly. Our pork bangers contain our minced pork, black pepper and sea salt.