Foodieness is your one-stop organic shop in Pretoria. We are an online retail store that provides high quality whole foods that are divinely delicious and affordable conveniently delivered to your door. Our focus is on organic, biodynamic, free-range, grass-fed, pastured and natural as far as possible. We believe that food production should be gentle on the planet and produce foods that build excellent health in those who consume them. We source our products direct from the producers or processors and buy as local as possible. We have a strict ingredient policy and will only stock whole foods that are completely free of refined sugar and artificial food additives. Pop over to our
online shop to check out our wonderful selection.

Transparency & Traceability

Transparency and traceability are key to our business. We provide full information on the ingredients of every product, and you can be assured that if you find it here, it has been checked out and meets our standards. We also provide full information on where the products come from, and the practices used in producing and / or processing the products. It is our belief that it is your right to know what exactly you are eating – as after all you are what you eat. If you would like any additional information to what you find on our site, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist.

Our Range

Our continually expanding range of products aims to supply a comprehensive range of fresh produce, dairy, eggs, baked goods, meats and grocery items that are clean, unprocessed and nutritious. From pure chocolate sweetened with honey to succulent grass-fed boerewors flavoured with natural spices and sea salt, you can find it all right here. We also offer a range of natural, organic and environment-friendly household and personal care products. If you prefer growing your own organic fresh produce, check out our range of organic seedlings and plants.

Affordable Prices

Our business model is designed to keep prices to consumers reasonable while paying producers fair prices for their premium goods. It is our belief that high quality foods should be affordable to people and market forces should encourage more sustainable production methods.

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